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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlotte is gas free

Today, Charlotte NC is a real mess. For some reason, i suspect a lot has to do with the recent hurricane hitting Texas, we have a very limited supply of gas. The trouble started brewing last night, when supplies were already low, and a TV station put out the word, advising folks who have a half tank, to NOT fill up. And they broadcast a list of who was still selling gas. So here we are on Thursday, and a little problem turned into a bigger one, and we have gas lines and are only allowed to buy $20 worth of gas. Premium, Plus or regular - you get what you can. It took me over an hour to finally get to my spot in line where i finally was allowed to put in $20. (and my gas light was on - yikes). Remember ye olde 1970s. OPEN, & the oil embargo? I do, seemed just like yesterday, and today was a re-run.

And with all the recent financial turmoil, we get to see who loses their cool when times get tough. Perhpas Frank Random's re-mix of Duck and Cover (called Duck and Die) will give folks the incentive to pick up a little more trash around the homestead.