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Tom and Jerry - His Mouse Friday
Starring - Tom, Jerry, Headhunters, Cannibals
Directed by - William Hanna, Joseph Barbera

A Tom and Jerry Classic - Jerry, the mouse... dresses up in a witch doctor type outfit, and scares Tom into thinking he wants to cook him. Well Tom finds out, and the chase is on.... till the REAL headhunting cannibalistic witch doctors show up. WHOA! Cool cartoon.

Starring Tom and Jerry

This MGM Tom and Jeery classic was theatrically released on July 7, 1951.

A moment before Tom's teeth shatter into pieces.

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Tom and Jerry - His Mouse Friday
(1951) - Color - 7 min
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Jerry dressed up like a witch doctor cannibal commands Tom to start chopping some vegetables.

One of the REAL Headhunters - a cannibal cat no less!

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