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Smash-Up The Story of a Woman (1947) - B&W - 105 min

The LikeTelevision Classic Movie channel proudly presents Smash-Up, The Story of a Woman starring Susan Hayward, Lee Bowman, Eddie Albert, and Marsha Hunt. Susan Hayward plays Angelica Evans, a cabaret singer who becomes a loving wife and mother. Her husband, Ken Conway - played by Lee Bowman becomes a big radio singing star and as he rises to the top, she slowly slips into becoming an alcoholic. Eddie Albert stars as Steve Nelson, Conway's song writing buddy who seems quite happy with the city life. (sorry, had to have some mention of Green Acres, a terrific classic tv show that starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor.)

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Smash-Up The Story of a Woman
Directed by - Stuart Heisler

(1947) - B&W - 105 min
Smash-Up The Story of a Woman is a great story about a young family that is torn apart by a wife who succumbs to alcoholism and loses her self esteem.

Part one
Intro -B&W Title screens, etc. We meet Angelica Evans, a cabaret singer who likes a good stiff belt of liquor before she performs. Then we meet Ken Conway, her boyfriend who just lost his gig when his band got fired.

Susan Hayward as Angelica Evans

Lee Bowman as Ken Conway

Part two
Angel gives up her singing career to become a wife and a mother as Ken and Angel get married. Ken gets a job as a cowboy singer with his buddy Steve Nelson at the ever popular 6 AM time slot. Steve is played by Eddie Albert, best known as Mr. Douglas of Green Acres.

Part three
Ken hits the big time and gets moved into the 6 PM time slot on the radio as a crooner. He builds a big following and is on his way to becoming a star. Marsha Gray played by Martha Hunt, is hired to handle the National act - and Ken's career soars. Meanwhile, Angel starts hitting the bottle.

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Smash-Up The Story of a Woman
Directed by - Stuart Heisler

Starring - Susan Hayward as Angelica Evans, Lee Bowman as Ken Conway, Eddie Albert as Steve Nelson Marsha Hunt as Martha Gray, Carl Esmond as Dr. Lorenz, Carleton Young as Fred Elliott Charles Brown as Mike Dawson Sharyn Payne as Angel Conway

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Eddie Albert as Steve Nelson

Part four
Ken's career is going crazy - and he is gone a lot on the road. Meanwhile, she starts getting jealous of Martha - who is spending a lot of time with Ken, handling her husband's career.

Part five
Angel - the Conway's little girl gets sick while Ken is out on the road promoting his act with Steve and Martha. Angelica quits drinking for a while to take care of her sick child, but then returns to the bottle with a zeal after a misunderstanding with Ken. Ken tries to get her some help but enventually gives up on her.

Part six
Angelica hits bottom. Don't go smoking and leave your cigarette on the floor - especially during a bedtime story. What happens? Will the couple get it together again or will Angelica ruin her whole family? Watch the conclusion and find out for yourself.

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