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H.G. Wells' Things to Come (1936) - B&W - 100 min

H.G. Wells' Things to Come is a classic Sci-Fi vision of the future by the great author of The Time Machine and War of the Worlds.

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H.G. Wells' Things to Come
Directed by - William Cameron Menzies

(1936) - B&W - 100 min
Things to Come is a great Sci-Fi film based on H.G. Wells' book Shape of Things to Come (1933). See a world like Mad Max's Thunderdome and Fritz Lang's Metropolis all rolled into one. This book inspired some great music too. While you probably remember The Byrds' Shape of Things to Come, please check out Jeff Beck's album (CD) Truth - Rod Stewart really belts it out. Sci-Fi fans, this movie was lots of fun, check it out.

Part one
Intro -B&W Title screens, etc. It's Christmas time, 1940 and the world is on the brink of war, though the world is unafraid. War could never happen again - and the people say - If we do not end war, war will end us.

The Wings over The World guys get ready to drop the Gas of Peace on the petty tyrant

with Raymond Massey as our hero, John Cabal and later Oswald -his grandson.

Part two
What's that - it sounded like a gun. Must just be manuvers at Christmas time. But no - war has broken out - with airplanes no less. (When this film was made, military aircraft was a new thing - learn about Gen. Billy Mitchell). Gas masks are distributed to the people. (not a new thing -Mustard Gas was used pretty heavily in World War I).

Part three
And the war goes on. Unlike World War II - this war goes on for many many decades -1945, 1955, 1960 ... oh my! It appears the war might be over soon, but there isn't much left of the planet in 1966. Now the world is suffering a new scourge called wandering sickness. This goes on for a while too... and in 1970, the new plague is gone.

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H.G. Wells' Things to Come
Directed by - William Cameron Menzies

Starring - Raymond Massey as John Cabal and Oswald Cabal, Edward Chapman as Pippen & Raymond Passworthy, Margaretta Scott as Roxanna & Rowena Ralph Richardson as The Boss, Maurice Braddell as Dr. Harding, Cederic Hardwicke as Theotocopulos Derrick DeMarney as Richard Gordon, Ann Todd as Mary Gordon, Sophie Stewart as Mrs. Cabal,

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Some very interesting techno machines. This one reminds me of a float in the toilet.

Part four
Wings over the World, a group of good guys, come to town to try and bring peace to Everytown. They have to convince The Boss, a warlord who is quite happy ruling over his little fiefdom. He is a bully - and mad with power (see Zolok from The Lost City for reference, only Zolok is an evil genius, this guy is more of a Stalinesque brute, but I digress).

with Sir Ralph Richardson as the evil tyrant, a.k.a. The Boss, not to be confused with Bruce Springsteen.

Part five
Gordon escapes to the Wings of the World HQ - where they are excite to try out their new weapon - the Gas of Peace. (We once had an old dog that could break up just about any argument some family members might be having with his own Gas of Peace). The W.O.W. guys drop their Gas Peace balls and eventually the war is over. Now they must face a new trouble - prosperity and advances in science. (Fritz Lang's Metropolis will come to mind). And now it is 2036 - and everytown looks like futurama from Disneyland. Time to revolt before man forges ahead with his new quest for progress- which involves shooting a man to the moon from a gun. Where were these guys in July 1969?

Part six
Building get lit with man made sunshine and the new space gun is ready. Unfortunately - people are ready to tear it down. And who will be the first astronauts? Watch the conclusion to see if we get atomic power. One has to wonder if our visions of the future will be so silly 7 decades later. What a fun movie!

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