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Boy With Green Hair (1948) - B&W - 82 min

A very good family movie, Boy With Green Hair features a young Dean Stockwell (from Quantum Leap), Pat O'Brien, Barbara Hale (Della Street from Perry Mason), and Robert Ryan. It even has Dwayne Hickman, who later starred as Dobey Gillis. A war orphan wakes up one day with green hair. And later he finds out how it happened, but no one believes his story. Great story and classic period film!

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Boy With Green Hair
Directed by - Joseph Losey

(1948) - B&W - 82 min

Part one
Starts out with a bald boy at Police Headquarters, who refuses to give his name. Dr. Evans (Robert Ryan) comes to question the boy and find out his name.

Dean Stockwell as The Boy With Green Hair

Dean Stockwell, a bad day at the barber shop

Part two
The boy begins to tell his story, and we learn more about Gramp and his life at school. It seems the young boy is a war orphan and his parents died while trying to help other children leave the country.

Part three
One day, Peter wakes up and his hair has turned green for no apparent reason. At first, he thinks Gramp did it (like some crazy Irish joke or something? huh?) but Gramp didn't. He tries to wash it out without success. He has some trouble trying to cope with his new punk hairdoo. No mention of lime jello.

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Boy With Green Hair
Directed by - Joseph Losey

Starring - Dean Stockwell as Peter Frye (Boy), Pat O'Brien as Gramp, Barbara Hale as Miss Brand, Robert Ryan as Dr. Evans, Walter Catlett as The King, Dwayne Hickman as Joey

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With Pat O'Brien as Gramp!

Part four
Well it seems there is a reason why Peter's hair turned green. Why it's the ****** sorry, we're not going to give it away. Anyway - no one will believe him! The doctors don't know what to think, but the people are getting upset, and many folks want him to cut his hair, afraid that it might be contagious!

Also features Barbara Hale as Miss Brand!

Part five
Finally - buzzzzz - the haircut scene. Bye bye green hair - hello tears. No one believes the kid and he is bummed out, feeling betrayed by Gramp. HOW WILL IT END? Will Peace break out in the Middle East? Or will man continue to wage war, despite the fact that it is indeed quite hard on children!

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Dean Stockwell with normal hair, before the Green day!

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