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Port of New York (1949) - B&W - 79 min

A very good film about narcotics smuggling in the Port of New York, during the 1940s. One might describe it as a film noire version of The French Connection. Agents Mickey Waters and Jim Flannery are out to get the man at the top, Paul Vicola, played by Yul Brynner. Lots of twists, danger and suspense - and one of the agents won't make it!

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Port of New York
Directed by - Laszlo Benedek

(1949) - B&W - 79 min

Part one
Begins with a guy, who we soon find out is the ship's pursor, jumping ship with a package. Awoman on deck, Toni Cardell sees him. The pursor is stealing a case of hospital drugs, which will be repurposed as street drugs. But when he delivers the bundle, his partners in crime kill him.

Yul Brynner as Paul Vicola

Lynne Carter as Lili Long, another girl who asks too many questions!

Part two
During a routine inspection, US Customs finds a bonded shipment of narcotics, for medical processing, has been stolen, and the pursor of the Florentine is missing. The Feds decide to enlist the help of Jim Flannery, who has been put on a desk job. Jim is a legend, and a master of undercover infiltration. Mickey Waters, an old buddy, talks to the chief and the two are on the case of the Florentine. The case grows to become a joint investigation of the Bureau of Narcotic and the Bureau of Customs. Toni Cardell, Paul Vicola's current squeeze, decides to meet with the Feds and tell her what she knows.

Richard Rober as Jim Flannery

Part three
Toni Cardell - the girl who saw the pursor leave the ship, and buddy with Paul Vicola, wants to leave town. But before she goes, she gets a visit from Paul - who decides that she is a risk, and needs to be silenced. But the Feds follow a hunch and go to the train station to stake-out a locker. A man comes and picks up the package of narcotics - which leads them to Dolly Carney, owner of a burlesque nightclub in New York City.

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Port of New York
Directed by - Laszlo Benedek

Starring - Scott Brady as Michael Waters AND Mickey, Yul Brynner as Paul Vicola, Richard Rober as Jim Flannery, K.T. Stevens as Toni Cardell, Arthur Blake as Dolly Carney, Chet Huntley as Narrator

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With K.T. Stevens as Toni Cardell

Part four
Well the Feds lean hard on Dolly Carney, and he tells them about guys at the boat show. Eventually this leads the agents to Leo Stasser, who has a boat yard at the Port of New York. Leo is an underboss of Paul Vicola, Mr. Big of the operation. Lili Long, friend of Dolly, and an innocent fool, meets with Vicola to help Carney get out of jail. Paul takes care of things. Jim and Mickey find Stasser's office and come back later that night. Look out... some bad guys come and spoil the party.

Cool use of light and shadow, often seen in films from this period

Part five
The Feds get a break, and learn that a man Wylie is coming to town to buy the dope. The agents arrest Mr. Wylie, and Jim Flannery goes undercover. Lots of action and suspense. Will Jim be discovered and what will happen to Paul Vicola. Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

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