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Lady of Burlesque (1943) - B&W - 90 min

A classic murder mystery - an old opera house has become a venue for a Burlesque Vaudeville troop, led by Dixie Daisy (Barbara Stanwyck) who is bringing in large crowds with her sassy song and dance numbers. Then, the girls start getting murdered - who is the killer? You will have to watch and find out! Based on the novel, The G-String Murders by the famous stripper, Gypsy Rose Lee. Be sure notice William Talman in part one, a.k.a. Burger on Perry Mason, waving at the girls on stage. Now we know why Perry won all those cases, Hamilton was watching the girly shows instead of preparing his briefs for trial.

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Lady of Burlesque
Directed by - William Wellman

(1943) - B&W - 90 min

Part one
Begins with a scene from the Burlesque show where we meet young Dixie Daisy - the new star of the bump and grind Vaudeville show. The theater used to be an opera house - but that fell on hard times and emerged as a Burlesque Show. Someone doesn't like that - and is killing the girls in the show.

ith Barbara Stanwyck as Dixie Daisy

Pinky Lee as Mandy

Part two
The romance and courtship between Dixie and the comic, Biff Barrington goes nowhere. Dixie tells the comic to get lost. We also meet Louie the gangster, Dolly and some other dancers and Mr. S.B. Foss (J. Edward Bromberg) who is the boss of the theater.

Frank Fenton as Russell Rogers

Part three
More plot development - more murders... police questioning, and a few cat fights!

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Lady of Burlesque
Directed by - William Wellman

Starring - Barbara Stanwyck as Dixie Daisy, Michael O'Shea as Biff Brannigan, Pinky Lee as Mandy, Gerald Mohr as Louie Grindero, Gloria Dickson as Dolly Baxter

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Marion Martin as Alice Angel and Gloria Dickson as Dolly Baxter

Part four
Well it seems the heart grows fonder and Dixie is warming up to the comic. Well kind of, for a little while anyway. More plot development - more murders... police questioning, and intrigue!

Stephanie Bachelor as Princess Nirvena

Part five
Finally - it looks like they might get their man - but wait, Louie isn't the killer, he just doesn't want to go back to jail. Dixie loses top billing to Stephanie Bachelor as Princess Nirvena, a Russian Princess, who is really a con artist from Toledo, Ohio.

Is he the murderer? Or is it....

Part six
And of course - the murderer must be Biff, the comic. He looks too much like Bill Clinton to not be guilty - or is he? Another murder goes down while Biff is in the slammer - so he is released. But who could it be???

Part seven
The conclusion, with all its irony and romance. What happens - who is the killer? Is it one of the girls? the stage manager? Mandy? Mr. Foss? Will Biff and Dixie get back together? I'm not telling - just watch the movie and see for yourself!

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Could it be one of the stage hands?

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