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Kennel Murder Case (1933) - B&W - 94 min

The Kennel Murder Case is an entertaining detective thriller with William Powell as super sleuth, Philo Vance. There's been a murder at the Long Island Kennel Club, though at first it looks like suicide. More people get killed as Philo gets closer to unravelling the dark mystery of the Kennel Murder Case. Also features Mary Astor as Hilda Lake, one of the many suspects.

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Kennel Murder Case
Directed by - Michael Curtiz

(1933) - B&W - 94 min

Part one
The opening scene at the Long Island Kennel club sets the scene for the murder of Archer Coe (Robert Barrat), a mean ornery jerk who controls the purse strings of a wealthy family.

Mary Astor as Hilda Lake

Eugene Pallette as Sgt. Heath

Part two
Archer Coe is found dead in his room by Gamble the Butler. The door is locked from the inside, and he has been shot. They call the police - who call it suicide. Meanwhile Philo Vance puts off a vacation to look into the case. He thinks it's murder, and shows them why. Also dead - Sir Thomas McDonald's dog - a dog that was competing against Coe's dog.

Part three
More character development - and more dead bodies. We meet Liang, the Cook (James Lee), who is of course a suspect. Other shady characters include Hilda Lake, Sir Thomas McDonald, and Eduardo Grassi. It seems everyone has a reason to kill Archer Coe.

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Kennel Murder Case
Directed by - Michael Curtiz

Starring - William Powell as Philo Vance, Mary Astor as Hilda Lake, Eugene Pallette as Sergeant Heath, Robert McWade as D. A. John Markham, Etienne Girardot as Dr. Doremus

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William Powell as Detective Philo Vance

Part four
More dead bodies - time to call Dr. Doremus, who is still trying to eat some lunch. Well it seems that Philo has figured out how the criminal got out of the room, and left it locked. A tricky gimmick involving a needle and thread, and a dead bolt.

Part five
The clues start to pile up as Philo gets closer to learning the truth. The police are still trying to find the dagger that killed everybody. And is Archer Coe was killed downstairs - how did he get upstairs to his room?

Part six
A 1933 version of a 3-D model of the murder scene is detailed by Vance. Doris's Doberman doggie gets dragged into the case. And finally - a trap to catch the killer. Watch the thrilling conclusion and find out who dunnit!

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