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Our Town (1940) - B&W - 89 min

A classic tale by Thornton Wilder, adapted for the silver screen - with slight modifications from the original as always. However, William Holden and Martha Scott carry the show as our heros, George Gibbs and Emily Webb. Aaron Copeland was nominated for an Oscar for Best Music, Original Score.

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Our Town
Directed by - Sam Wood

(1940) - B&W - 89 min

Part one
Starts with the narrator giving you the background on the folks in a small New Hampshire town.

William Holden and Martha Scott

With Martha Scott as Emily Webb

Part two
The romance and courtship blossoms between young George Gibbs and Emily Webb.

Part three
More day to day life in New Hampshire!

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Our Town
Directed by - Sam Wood

Starring - William Holden as George Gibbs, Martha Scott as Emily Webb, Frank Craven as Mr. Morgan as The Narrator, Thomas Mitchell as Dr. Webb, Beulah Bondi as Mrs. Webb, Aaron Copeland

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Thorton Wilder's look at a small town in New Hampshire. Our town... is a very, very, very fine town :)

Part four
Well it seems the heart grows fonder and it sometimes doesn't. Emily loses interest in George and life goes on.

Some great characters in the small town!

Part five
Finally - it looks like they will get married!

Part six
The conclusion, with all its irony and romance! What happens - just watch the movie and see for yourself!

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