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Trapped (1949) - B&W - 79 min

A very good counterfeit bill is once again being passed and the US Treasury is out to find and destroy the plates. So they work a deal with Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges) who is in jail for counterfeiting and he might know where those plates are. Tris goes along with it, and then escapes. Classic film noir suspense from the late 1940s - featuring Lloyd Bridges, father of Beau and Jeff Bridges, and the Dad on Sea Hunt. And no one cuts his air hose.

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Directed by - Richard Fleischer

(1949) - B&W - 79 min

Part one
Starts out with some classic U.S. Treasury footage and period law enforcement treatment. A bogus bill gets passed at a bank from a high quality set of counterfeit plates.

Lloyd Bridges as Tris Stewart

John Hoyt play Government Agent John Downey who goes undercover as Johnny Hackett

Part two
The Feds decide to enlist the help of Tris Stewart, who is in jail for counterfeiting. It seems he was part of a gang that used the same plates many years ago. They eventually make a deal with Tris to help them find the bogus plates.

Part three
While on a bus - Tris escapes from a US Marshall and meets up with his old girlfriend, Meg Dixon, a.k.a. Laurie Fredericks. But the Feds have the upper hand - they let Tris escape and have bugged his apartment. Tris meets up with an old pal and learns that Jack Sylvestor has got the plates. And Tris is ready to head to Mexico and pass some bad money. Meanwhile, Agent John Downey has gone undercover as a gambler named Johnny Hackett.

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Directed by - Richard Fleischer

Starring - John Hoyt as Johnny Hackett & John Downey, Lloyd Bridges as Tris Stewart, Barbara Payton as Meg Dixon & Laurie Fredericks, James Todd as Jack Sylvester, Lyle Latell as G-Man Curry

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Starring Barbara Payton as Laurie Fredericks and Meg Dixon

Part four
Well it seems you need money to pass a lot of bad money. Sylvestor wants $25,000 for $250,000 of counterfeit bills. Tris decides to knock off a lounge where Meg works - but the cops foil the plan. Hackett (Agent Downey) meets up with Tris and they plan to use Hacketts money to buy the phoney bills.

Part five
Finally - it looks like the deal will go down - but wait... It seems Meg (Laurie) overheard some guests at the club say Hackett is actually a G-Man. She's ready to blow the whistle but can't get through on the phone. Meanwhile the deal is going down.

Part six
Meg finally meets up with the bad guys and blows Hacketts cover. Big trouble at the warehouse, a chase on the trolley tracks - thrills and chills! What happens? Watch the conclusion and see for yourself!

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