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Barbie - A Short Video History (1959-70) - Color - 10 min

The classic doll from Mattel stars in a series of toy commercials from the 60's and 70's. Watch each one or see the whole 8 episode mini-feature!

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Barbie - A Short Video History
Directed by - Various

(1959-70) - Color - 10 min

Part one
Here she is - beautiful Barbie looking terrific as ever!

Part two
In this episode of Barbie's history - she meets the man of her dreams - Ken!

Part three
Barbie's a model - She will certainly need some cool new outfits. And so will Ken! Let's Mix 'n Match!

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Barbie - A Short Video History
Directed by - Various

Starring - Barbie by Mattel

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Part four
Already successful as International models, the pair think big, with dreams of Hollywood and Acting! - so Barbie and Ken get a theater and put on some shows!

Part five
Barbie is rocking in the free world - so she decides to get a dream house! It folds up nicely and doesn't come with a mortgage.

This site is not affiliated with Mattel - we present this series as an historical tribute to the most successful doll ever.

For a history of Barbie - visit this page!

Part six
Time for a mobile home - check out Malibu Barbie's Country Camper and her swinging friends.

Part seven
So Barbie gets a new pool and has a party!

Part eight
We close this lovely feature with a 1972 infomercial only shown to toy retailers!

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