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Mullet Hunter (2000) - B&W - 10 min

LikeTelevision Studios are based in Charlotte, North Carolina... and Guess what? It's NASCAR's Race Week again as the Coca Cola 600 and The Winston come to town. And you know what means... Time to go Mullet Hunting, as we track the annual migration patterns of a remarkably bad haircut. The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly presents a snippet from Zim Zum - Mullet Hunter! Zim Zum is a musical comedy variety show that we created in the summer of 2000. (for those who don't know... a mullet is a haircut worthy of derision.... short on the top and sides... and long in the back).

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Mullet Hunter
Directed by - Doug Hawthorn

(2000) - B&W - 10 min

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LikeTelevision Zim Zum, Classic TV
Mullet Hunter
Directed by - Doug Hawthorn

Starring - Wally "Billy" Bong

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