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Rock and Roll Revue (1955) - B&W - 40 min

This video was created at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY of some of the greatest of all time - including Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Larry Darnell, Louie Bellson, The Clovers and many more!

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Rock and Roll Revue
Directed by - Joseph Kohn

(1955) - B&W - 40 min

Part one
Willie Bryant - The Clown Prince of Mirth is your host - tonight's first guest is the one and only Duke Ellington!

Duke Ellington w/ a sixteen piece orchestra!

Dinah Washington

Intro by Willie Bryant. Larry Darnell sings "What more do you want me to do?" Coles and Atkins perform a snappy dance number with tap shoes. Willie Bryant, the MC, joins Coles and Atkins for a quick routine.

Part 3 opens up with The Clovers singing "Your cash ain't nothing but trash". Leonard Reed, Atkins & Coles, and Willie Bryant do a comedy routine about booking agents. Dinah Washington sings "Only a Moment ago".

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Rock and Roll Revue
Directed by - Joseph Kohn

Starring - Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole, Larry Darnell, Louie Bellson, The Clovers

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Nat King Cole

Nat "King" Cole - one of the smoothest singers ever - performs "The Trouble with me is You". Nat has a killer band with him and plays piano. Follow this with Duke Ellington Orchestra jamming, witha big drum solo from Louie Bellson. The show closes with Joe Turner doing a little R&B - Yeah!

Louie Bellson does a drum solo!

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