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Number Seventeen (1932) - B&W - 68 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Number Seventeen - with Leon M. Lion, Anne Grey, Donald Calthrop, and Garry Marsh. A group of jewel thieves tries to get away with a diamond necklace. But the police are hot on their trail. Check out the great train chase in part 5.

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Number Seventeen
Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

(1932) - B&W - 68 min

Part one
A man is found dead at the top of the stairs by Ben (Leon Lion), a comical tramp and Harold Brant (Donald Calthrop) a detective. The dead man is Mr. Ackroyd - but he's not really dead.

Leon Lion as Ben - the comical hero

Part two
Ben and Brant search for clues when a girl falls through the ceiling. It's Rose Ackroyd (Ann Casson) - who is looking for her father. (the guy who appears dead on the floor). Then - someone else is at the door. It's the jewel thieves - coming together for a rendez-vous at the safe house.

Part three
Okay - The jewel theives arrive and Shelldrake is hiding out in the bathroom. He was the one who hit Mr. Ackroyd on the noggin. Shelldrake gets the jewels hidden in the toilet - but wily Ben pickpockets the necklace from Shelldrake.

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Number Seventeen
Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

Starring - Leon M. Lion, Anne Grey, Donald Calthrop, Garry Marsh, Harry Caine

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Donald Calthrop as Brant

Part four
Well it seems the deaf mute girl can talk after all. But she's having a change of heart and tries to help Ben and Brant. Shelldrake and the theives head off to the train depot for their getaway.

Part five
The wild and crazy train chase scene - and a bus in hot pursuit on the road. Will Shelldrake and the theives get away? Will the train de-rail? And what about the deaf mute fake. Will Brant throw the girl in jail or invite her over for breakfast?

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