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Meeting at Midnight (1944) - B&W - 60 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Meeting at Midnight - with Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan as the famous Honolulu detective with 14 children. Charlie's daughter is at a seance when a man is murdered - and she is arrested. The police persuade him to take the case... and they'll release his daughter.

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Meeting at Midnight
Directed by - Phil Rosen

(1944) - B&W - 60 min

Part one
The movie opens with a seance - really nice period stuff in the heyday of the seance. In attendance is one of Chan's 14 kids - his daughter Frances Chan (played by Frances Chan no less). Then Mr. Bonner gets murdered by a invisible bullet.

Sidney Toler as Charlie Chan

Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown

Part two
Sgt Matthews rounds up everyone at the seance. When he learns he has Chan's daughter - they get Charlie and convince him to take the case - like they will release his daughter if he takes it! A couple of funny scenes with the great Mantan Moreland as Birmingham Brown.

Part three
Okay - Charlie begins snooping around and makes more brilliant observations and logical conclusions. Of course, he's has experience in seance rooms tricks and cabinets. "Shady business do not make for sunny life". Charlie's got too many potential killers - as he grills the group at the seance, hits the police lab, and does more "leg work" to solve the case. Miss Duncan (Helen Beverley) is in a trance and Charlie gets shot at. She knows something... but can't remember.

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Meeting at Midnight
Directed by - Phil Rosen

Starring - Sidney Toler, Mantan Moreland, Frances Chan

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One of the many tricks Charlie has up his sleeve!

Part four
More sleuthing... then Mrs. Bonner jumps off a building to her death. It looked like suicide but no - it's murder. We learn that all the hokus pokus is actually a drug that makes people easy to influence. Charlie gets an antidote and makes himself the bait in a trap. Will the antidote work in time or will Charlie leap off the building?

Part five
Charlie hot on their heels.... back to the scene of the crime .. but wait - oh no! Will the bad guys get away or will Charlie put them in the clink.

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