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Carnival Story (1954) - B&W - 95 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Carnival Story - with Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran, Abe Berber, and Lyle Bettger. Based on the story by Marcel Klauber - a travelling carnival show takes the act to Germany after a bad tour in the US. Anne Baxter stars as Willie, an aspiring German girl who learns how to high dive from the great Frank Collini.

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Carnival Story
Directed by - Kurt Neuman

(1954) - B&W - 95 min

Part one
The carnival arrives at the German train station and they start with a parade to the fairgrounds. The carnival opens with some classic barkers trying to entice the suckers (customers) in to see the side show.

Anne Baxter as Willie - does she love Joe or Frank? or maybe Bill Vines?

Yep - that's Willie getting ready to take a dive from 110 feet

Part two
Joe Hammond (Steve Cochran) - one of the barkers pockets a little extra for himself and then gets pick-pocketed by Willie, a poor German girl (Anne Baxter). Joe decides to try and get her a job. In a racy scene for its day (1954) - Joe hangs out and yacks while Willie takes a shower. Willie starts falling for Joe.

Anne Baxter as Willie - Frank's wife and fellow high diver.

Part three
Okay - We meet Frank Collini - a daredevil diver and high dollar act of the show. He asks Willie to join the act and learn how to dive like he does. But - he tells her "If you touch bottom from any height - you're gone".

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Carnival Story
Directed by - Kurt Neuman

Starring - Anne Baxter, Steve Cochran, Ady Berber, Lyle Bettger, Jay C. Flippen

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Ady Berber as Groppo, the mute strong man they got from an Alabama asylum. Groppo takes care of Joe

Part four
Willie practices with Frank and goes higher and higher. Part four begins with a 75 foot dive. Frank is proud and gives her a costume. Then he tells her she's in the show tonight - jumping from 110 feet. Frank gives her a pill and tells her to relax. Then he wakes her up - you're on in six minutes! (What? How is she going to put on her make-up?). When she gets ready to dive - Frank tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her - now go jump. She does - and then tells Joe that she's upset because she loves Joe, not Frank. Then Joe tells hers that Frank's rich -we're not going to let a little thing like marriage get in the way? Willie tells the creep to stay away from her from now on.

Steve Cochran as Joe Hammond. The no good, lowest of human life forms, turkey and snook

Part five
Joe tells Willie to get Frank's stash of money and they can run away together. Frank catches Joe trying to put on the moves and proceeds to whomp Joe silly. Then he tells Willie they are quitting the show. Willie says no way - "give me my share of the money - that's all I want". In the morning - she has a change of heart and tells Frank she will be a good wife. Frank apologizes for trying to push her around. Everything looks great - till Frank crashes into the deck - making Willie a widow and rich. But she feels only sorrow for losing Frank.

Lyle Bettger as Frank Collini

Part six
Now Frank's friend - Bill Vines tries courting Willie with no success. She still feels tied with Joe. Then Willie makes a mistake and is sent to the hospital. Bill nurses her back to health - then she zips off to Germany to see Joe and try her hand at diving again.

Part seven
Joe tells her he rigged Frank's platform so it would fall. She sees Joe for the jerk he is and tells him to leave. When he doesn't she screams - and in comes Groppo. Will Groppo get Joe - Will she die on her last dive? And what about the bearded lady? Watch the stunning conclusion.

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