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Blood and Sand (1922) - B&W - 61 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - Blood and Sand - with Rudolph Valentino as Juan Gallardo - a young man who wants to be a bullfighter.

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Blood and Sand
Directed by - Fred Niblo

(1922) - B&W - 61 min

Part one
Young Juan Gallardo wants to be a bullfighter, but his family thinks he's just a bum. Juan still dreams of becoming a matador.

Rudolph Valentino as Juan Gallardo. Kinda looks like Jimmy Smits, don't you think?

Juan Gallardo and Carmen get married

Part two
After a bullfighter gets hurt, Juan gets his chance in the ring and does well at a small bullring. He gets his own outfit and still his family disapproves. He meets his childhood friend, Carmen who he falls in love with. Juan goes on to become successful, gets a manager and spurns the affection of all women but one, his beloved Carmen. Juan Gallardo and Carmen get married.

Part three
Okay - the wedding of Juan and Carmen is quite the party - complete with lots of guitars and funny dancing from another era. Juan gets a gig in Madrid (the big time) and becomes an idol of all of Spain. One day, a beautiful woman, Dona Sol - throws the Cleopatra ring to the matador and Juan drawn under her spell. Later on, he is invited to dinner at her exotic estate and they smoke funny cigarettes. Juan is unfaithful to Carmen.

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LikeTelevision™ Movies
Blood and Sand
Directed by - Fred Niblo

Starring - Rudolph Valentino, Lila Lee, Nita Naldi

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Nita Naldi as the evil Marquis Dona Sol

Part four
Juan has a drink with his friend who advises him to dump Dona Sol. When he confronts Dona Sol and tells her he wants to get away and forget about her, she begs to go on the trip with him. Juan spurns her and gets out. But later on the way to his vacation, he finds her on the way and gets fooled by the broken down car trick. More trouble on the way as bandits come by.

Juan Gallardo at Dona Sol's estate

Part five
Juan and Dona Sol are once again thrust together - will Juan be faithful to Carmen or will he stray again? And what about Carmen? Will she catch them? Or leave Juan? Will Juan be killed in a bullfight or will he live happily ever after with Carmen? Watch the thrilling conclusion!

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