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Lady Vanishes (1938) - B&W - 94 min

The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The Lady Vanishes - directed by Sir Alfred Hitchcock.

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Lady Vanishes
Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

(1938) - B&W - 94 min

Part one
We meet Iris Henderson, a rich spoiled American girl. She's done everything and is going to marry a rich American man she doesn't love. (The American Way). We also meet Miss Froy, the kindly old women (Dame May Whitty) and Gilbert, the rowdy musician, played by Michael Redgrave.

Can you find Alfred's cameo?

Part two
Iris gets bonked on the head by a flower pot - meant for Miss Froy. Iris and Miss Froy have some tea on the train - and Iris takes a nap. When she awakes.. Miss Froy has disappeared.

Part three
No one believes Iris... or they're lying or they'd rather make it to the cricket finals than bother. Iris turns to Gilbert, who listens to her ranting about the old woman who has disappeared...and scores brownie points with Iris.

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Lady Vanishes
Directed by - Alfred Hitchcock

Starring - Michael Redgrave, Margaret Lockwood

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Miss Froy and Iris

Part four
Gilbert see the tea wrapper and believes Iris. The nun in high heals is actually a "good guy". The doctor tries to drug Iris and Gilbert.

Part five
The "switch" is discovered and there's a shoot-out on a diverted train track. Miss Froy hums a tune.

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