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Sci-Fi Trailer Series 13-18 (1960) - B&W - 5 min

Even more Sci-Fi Movie Trailers including Privilege, Mondo Balordo, Taras Bulba, The Projected Man, The Big Gundown and Colossus!

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Sci-Fi Trailer Series 13-18
Directed by - Various

(1960) - B&W - 5 min

#13 Privilege
60's Rock Opera kinda thing - all these killer reviews, yet I never heard of it before

#14 Mondo Balordo
Boris Karloff narrates this examination into human kinkyness

#15 Taras Bulba
Yul Brynner and Tony Curtis star in the slavic action adventure film. Pretty cool trailer, especially the part where Yul flips the horse.

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Sci-Fi Trailer Series 13-18
Directed by - Various

Starring - Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, John Agar, Many more!

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#16 The Projected Man
The classic "science runs amok" theme - pretty nifty looking gear - lots of vacuum tubes and switches.

#17 The Big Gundown
Lee Van Clef stars in this over the top western. Best scenes include the whipping boy intro and the scene with the bull

#18 Colossus
The Forbin Project. This one's a hoot - recommended!

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