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James Dean Story (1957) - B&W - 90 min

This documentary on James Dean examines the actor's life - starting in Indiana where he was born to his tragic death on the highway. The film was directed by Robert Altman.

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James Dean Story
Directed by - Robert Altman

(1957) - B&W - 90 min

Part one
James Dean's last film was "Giant". He seemed to express the things that the audience felt; rebellion, love, youth. His mother died when he was nine, and he went to live in the country with his loving aunt and uncle Winslow. Great pictures and stories help you to understand his childhood and life.

Part two
He denied his fame and success. James Dean became suspicious of his new Hollywood surroundings... the ever watching camera... the ever listening microphone... He found comfort is just being himself. Before East of Eden was finished, Hollywood knew he was the most important actor of the year.

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James Dean Story
Directed by - Robert Altman

Starring - James Dean

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