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Willy Goes Skydiving v, 2 (2008) - Color - 10 min

When I went skydiving last year, you could buy 50 per cent discount off your next jump, but you had to jump within the next year. So I found myself with about 350 days into my 365 ? it was time to jump out of an airplane again. My skydiving number was up.

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Willy Goes Skydiving v, 2
Directed by - Ashley

(2008) - Color - 10 min
Thanks to early voting, I had already cast my ballot ? so my civic duty to vote was all taken care of. No worries ? I had a really fun time free falling, and got spun around a few times by Terry Hopkins the camera operator. Many thanks to my tandem jump master Keith Crouse, I mean he did save my life. And in case you were wondering ? yes, I did get my 50 per cent off card, so I will have to jump again in the next 365 days.

Here's the view from the door as you look out before jumping

We've already fallen a few thousand feet by now ? but you are still very high up in the air junior birdman

Randy, Megan and Willy get psyched before the jump

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Willy Goes Skydiving v, 2
Directed by - Ashley

Starring - Willy Krause as the newby jumper, Keith Crouse as the tandem jump master, Terry Hopkins as the camera operator, Randy and Megan as themselves

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It feels like your flying through the sky ? really fast. As fast as Iron Man, fast.

Terry Hopkins grabbed my arm and we started spinning around ? yee haw!

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