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One Step Beyond - Executioner, The (1960) - B&W - 23 min

More episodes of One Step Beyond, a cool Sci-Fi TV show from the late 50s, early 60s... that inspired a few other cool sci-fi tv shows like The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. The Executioner is the story of an evil Union Colonel who decides to railroad some poor young Rebel Soldier as a Confederate Army spy. The young kid is probably 16 or 17, and he has a nice dog named Tom. The cruel Colonel gets annoyed with Tom's howling so he shoots the poor thing. Meanwhile, Jess Bradley the Confederate Army spy (not really) is sentanced to be executed. The dog Tom has something to say about all this. Check it out. This episode is very dark, a lot of it was filled at night with nowhere near enough lighting to make it work. bet you still like it!

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One Step Beyond - Executioner, The
Directed by -

(1960) - B&W - 23 min
The TV Series One Step Beyond deals with ESP, telepathic powers, and other psycho stuff. If it's weird and you can't explain it - it's here. Best of all - all the stories are true, or so they say!

Part one

Buzz Martin as rebel soldier Jess Bradley,

the Union Army firing squad prepares to execute confederate spy Jess Bradley

Part two

Jeremy Slate as Captain Adams

Part three

One Step Beyond - Executioner, The Message Board

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One Step Beyond - Executioner, The
Directed by -

Starring - John Newland, Buzz Martin as Jess Bradley, Crahan Denton as Colonel Martin, Jeremy Slate as Captain Adams, Will J. White as the Union Corporal Tom Middleton as Sergeant Evans, Don Ross as Pickets

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Tom the dog as Tom the dog

Crahan Denton as the diabolical Colonel Martin

Crahan Denton as Colonel Martin presiding over the court martial of the rebel spy

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