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Classic TV Commercials - Coke (1972) - Color - 30 sec

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents this classic coke commercial featuring an Olympic theme. Part of the Real Thing era, coca cola bottlers all over the world salute the Olympians, present and future. Features kids playing soccer, a spear is thrown by a Masai warrior - which is juxtaposed with an athelete throwing a javelin and a cool shot of coke bottles from around the world. I think this ad is from 1972.

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Classic TV Commercials - Coke
Directed by -

(1972) - Color - 30 sec

Coke in many languages

A Masai warrior throws his spear for the ad agency

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Classic TV Commercials - Coke
Directed by -

Starring - A lot of kids from all over the world

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the javelin thrower gives it a hurl

a kid takes a sip of coke

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