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Police Report Assault (1928) - B&W - 21 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents Police Report! Assault - also known as Uberfall, or Accident. Directed by Erno Metzner in 1928 - this 21 minute film is a fast paced story about a coin that seems to bring nothing but bad luck to whoever holds it. I don't want to do anything to spoil the story - so you'll just have to check it out. Highly entertaining and good for many chuckles.

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Police Report Assault
Directed by - Erno Metzner

(1928) - B&W - 21 min
The short film follows the trail of a counterfeit coin. A man who knows the coin is a dud - decides to bet with it at a poker game. Bad idea - as instant karma comes on strong. The movie has a great scene where some guys are playing a high stakes poker game and also a bizarre scene where a man tries to escape a thug chasing after him by going upstairs to visit a prostitute, only to run into more trouble. If you see this coin on the street - do NOT pick it up.

Part one
Intro, B&W - I really enjoyed this film and just kept laughing the more bizarre and contrived the story got. Murphy's Law rolled up in a coin, where bad goes to worse and even worse than that.

The hero of the story - a patsy who gets his clock cleaned

Does the lady of the night offer refuge or just more trouble?

Meanwhile - the thug waits by the door ready to kick the patsy's butt

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Police Report Assault
Directed by - Erno Metzner

Starring - Heinrich Gotho, Eva Schmid-Kayser, Sybille Schmitz, Han Ruys, Rudolf Hilberg, Alfred Loretto, Heinrich Falconi

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A 1920s version of Texas no limit poker

The killer thug goes for the throat

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