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New Age Japanese Aerobics (1962) - Color - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents another bizarre short video clip. This little gem shows an old Japanese gym of shorts - where the corporate boys from Tokyo go to blow off some steam and shake things up. You will see all kinds of whacky vibrating and shaking machines that only a real mover and shaker might enjoy. Also - a terrific shot of a guy with a beautiful and colorful full body tattoo in one of these vibrating contraptions. It looks like the tattoo is talking to you. The fellow on the pedal bike is a riot too.

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New Age Japanese Aerobics
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

(1962) - Color - 1 min

The pedal bike is connected to a belt which giggles his head

Here - let me turn that up fro you

New Age Japanese Aerobics Message Board

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New Age Japanese Aerobics
Directed by - Paolo Cavara

Starring - Some Japanese business men doing aerobics, some cute geisha girls ready to wipe their sweaty brow

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