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Rififi (1955) - B&W - 120 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents -Rififi, a classic French fforeign film about how the perfect crime, goes very very wrong. Made in 1955, Jules Dassin won the Best Director award in the Cannes Film Festival that year - and for a good reason. This is one of the best crime dramas ever made. A great deal of planning goes into pulling off the biggest jewel heist of all time - and part 3 which features tthe actual heist is reknowned for its tension. For a long period, no words are spoken... the film is very quiet as we jjoin the criminal at the scene. Everything goes off as planned - but as is often the case, the human element will lead to thier demise.

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Directed by - Jules Dassin

(1955) - B&W - 120 min
Another interesting aspect of the film is the duel nature of Tony le Stephanois, who is the mastermind of the gang. One moment he is gunning down a fellow gang member for breaking the criminal code, later on he risks and loses his life trying to save a young boy. For 1955, this film is very violent - but by today's standards, it might evoke a PG rating. Rififi (or Du Rififi Chez les Hommes) is a landmark film for many reasons and worth checking out. And by the way - Rififi means Trouble!

Part one
Intro, B&W, title screens, credits, etc. The movie lays out the basic plot as some criminals seek to pull of the perfect crime. Tony is the mastermind of the group with the ambitious plan. We also meet Mado, Tony's girl - who found some else (the evip Pierre) while Tony was in prison.

Blame this guy - it all unravels when he grabs the ring after the job is finished

Caution - men at work. The gang does some hi-tech work on the safe

Part two
There's one big problem - the new alarm system needs to be broken. The crooks have a prototype of the fancy new alarm and work to crack the system.

Pierre - you will love to hate this fellow

Part three
Part three features the most known portion of the film. The eerie long stretch of silince as the criminal pull off the jewel heist. Really cool... you'll love the hi-tech gadgets they use to break open the safe.

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Directed by - Jules Dassin

Starring - Jean Servais as Tony, Robert Manuel as Mario, Marcel Lupovivi as Pierre Grutter, Carl Mohner as Jo le Suedois, Magali Noel as Viviane, Marie Sabouret as Mado, Jules Dassin as Cesar le Milanais, Pierre Grasset as Louis Grutter, Claude Sylvain as Ida Farrati,

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Jo - nice guy, a good husband and father but a bad crook

Part four
The job goes off without a hitch. No coppers, no alarms, no problems... the perfect crime, right? WRONG. The Italien safe cracker decided to grab a fancy ring, that he gives to the torch singer at Pierre's club. Pierre decides to butt in and try and get the loot for himself. Also features some wonderful scenes of fraternal love, where Pierre tries to get his brother to kill somebody in exchange for some drugs. Heroin i think, but all we see are the little white packets, no needles or anything like Man with the Golden Arm. Who knew... i guess a bunch of people shot heroin in the 1950s.

Discussing the job at a French cafe

Part five
Pierre's first attempts at getting members of the gang to crack fail - so he decides to kidnap Jo's little boy. Meanwhile, Tony is working in the other direction - trying to get Pierre before Pierre gets the gang. A great ending, full of suspense, irony, violence and compassion.

She love Trouble (rififi) and gets it too

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Tony the seasoned pro of the gang. Tough as nails - with a tender heart

Mado - Tony's former flame now hangs out with Pierre

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