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Alka Seltzer TV Commercial - Pie Eating Professionals (1968?) - Color - 1 min

LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic Alka Seltzer TV Commercial we call The Pie Eating Professionals. It begins with a classic front line of a football team that sprints to a table filled with pies in an eating contest. When the contest is over, the team retreats to the locker room, and instead of a Jacuzzi - and Ben Gay, there's a medicine cabinet with some Alka Seltzer. One of the old timers helps a worn out rookie get some relief from acid indigestion. Coke Commercials Ahhhh. Alka Seltzer cures the upset stomach. And yes - if the commercial feels familiar - it is an obvious tribute to the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial. And in case you were wondering, the other fellow in the commercial is indeed Joe DeRita, a.k.a. Curly Joe - the final third stooge to replace Curly Howard of the Three Stooges. This tv commercial is a true classic, i remember like yesterday! For more info on stomach ailments - go to the source at

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Alka Seltzer TV Commercial - Pie Eating Professionals
Directed by -

(1968?) - Color - 1 min

Alka Seltzer - Plop Plop Fizz Fizz in the dixie cup

Hey rookie - let me show you something

Alka Seltzer TV Commercial - Pie Eating Professionals Message Board

LikeTelevision™ Classic TV
Alka Seltzer TV Commercial - Pie Eating Professionals
Directed by -

Starring - Some of the faces look familiar = but I couldn't find any names. rats!

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Yum... looks like a cherry pie.. but no, it's blueberry. what a rookie!

The tunnel shot - a tribute to the Mean Joe Green, The Kid, and the Coke commercial

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