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1. 1960 Corvair TV Commercial

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic 1960 chevy Corvair Infommercial - that seems to directly address Ralph Nader's objections in his book, Unsafe at Any Speed. If you do not know the history - the chevy Corvair was a super cool car.... that got crushed because of concerns raised in Nader's book. For its day - the car was really no less safe than the rest of the lot, especially after the modifications to reduce rollovers. None of this mattered - the car was doomed commercially. Too bad - it was a really cool car.

2. Classic TV Commercials

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Classic TV channel proudly serves up some A+ classic commercials!

3. Last Man on Earth, The

Description: The Last Man on Earth was origianlly released in Italy as L'Ultimo uomo della Terra, and later redubbed in English as The Last Man on Earth. Starring Vincent Price, this is a terrific movie from 1964 based on Richard Matheson's classic Sc-Fi novel, I am Legend. A deadly virus (actually a bacillus, a rod shaped bacterium - like Bacillus anthracis, a.k.a. Anthrax) destroys most of the human population, turning people into horrible vampire zombie creatures who feed off of human blood. Vincent Price is a scientist trying to stay alive. He searches for a cure, destroys the monsters, and finds himself as the last real man on Earth. This film clearly inspired George Romero who directed the classic - Night of the Living Dead. In addition, Matheson's I am Legend was also the inspiration for Omega Man, with Charleton Heston. There is also a rumor of a remake of this classic, but the original will be hard to beat. We loved this film, and bet you will too!

4. TV Commercials 1959 Chevy

Description: LikeTelevision™ proudly presents - a classic 1959 chevy Car Commercial. In this hum dinger - Dinah Shore sings along with Pat Boone and tells you about the new chevy Impala for 1959. And in a nod to subliminal advertising - a quick flash of the car, which will be available to see in Chevrolet dealer showrooms on Thursday, October 16th. The music swells and the jingle begins like this:
Hey, have you heard the crazy new way.
To send a message today
It flashed on a screen to quick to see
But still you get it subliminally. YIKES! I am not sure if this ad is more disturbing than Pat Boone's rendition of Little Richard's Tuti Fruiti - but the fact that i am comparing the two events should give you an idea of why this classic tv commercial is such a gem.

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