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1. Boom Boom

Description: Boom Boom is a wild war story cartoon featuring an early version of Porky Pig and other cartoon characters still just in the concept phase. An interesting treatment of war, while the country is caught up in the heat of the battle of WWII.

2. Daffy Duck - Henpecked Duck

Description: Daffy Duck tries a magic trick with an egg (his child to be) and the egg disappears for good. Mrs. Daffy has had it and files for divorce. Watch the tense court room drama!

3. Porky Pig - Ali Baba Bound

Description: Porky gets a secret message from a spy that Ali Baba will invade the fort. It's Porky's job to save the day - but how will he defend against their secret weapon - a suicide bomber with a huge bullet tied to his head. WARNING: Idiotic and racist at times. Our apologies. We present it as a piece of history.

4. Porky Pig - Get Rich Quick Porky

Description: Porky decides to buy some land that is supposed to be full of oil. It seems like he's getting taken ... till Gabby hits a gusher!

5. Porky Pig - Notes to You

Description: Porky just wants a littel snooze - but a noisy cat is singing like crazy trying to scare up a nice looking kitten. Porky does all he can to get some peace and quiet.

6. Porky Pig - Porky's Bear Facts

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel brings you - Porky's Bear Facts - interesting animation about a hungry bear and his buddy who crash Porky's home and grabs a bite to eat. Vintage Porky Pig and the bear's a hoot!

7. Porky Pig - Timid Toreador

Description: Another classic tale - Porky is a tamale salesman at the bullfights - when suddenly, the bull escapes and is looking to skewer Porky!

8. Porky's Railroad

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Cartoon channel reviews (no video) - Porky's Railroad - a classic Merrie Melodies (Warner Bros.) cartoon that features Porky Pig as the engineer of a bunch of cool trains.

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