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1. 1936 Olympia - Part one

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents - The 1936 Olympics (Part one) - a landmark film of the 1936 Olympics by Leni Riefenstahl. Adolf Hitler is the host of the the Olympics - how's that for irony. In spite of all the disturbing footage of people doing that Hitler “hi“ sign, Joseph Goebbels, and Musselini - the film is a great archive from the athletic competition. Check out the old high jump techniques.

2. Beautiful Crissy by Ideal

Description: Beautiful Crissy has beautiful hair that grows. Turn the knob and her hair's shorter or press her tummy and you can make her hair grow. Pre-minoxodil - Great song!

3. Betsy Wetsy by Ideal

Description: When I grow up - I want to be a Mommy! Hey -you don't have to wait for the nineties, you can be a young mother right now! She cries real tears too!

4. Bing Bang Boing by Ideal

Description: Bing Bang Boing, complete with a terrific music - this Rube Goldberg build your own game sure looks like a lot of fun. Raise the flag! Made by Ideal!

5. Boaterific Outboards by Ideal

Description: Boaterific Outboards - battery powered little boats by Ideal - take 'em out and race. Swinging, groovy little theme song too.

6. Captain Action by Ideal

Description: Captain Action could change into nine different Super Heros - including Batman, Superman, Phantom, Flash, Lone Ranger & more! Captain Action! Fighting evil - that's his creed! This is awesome!

7. Criss Cross by Ideal

Description: Criss Cross from Ideal. A cool marble game of timing and skill. Watch out Billy for those tricky manuvers. Great commercial and a fun game. Love those haircuts!

8. CrossFire by Ideal

Description: CrossFire from Ideal. A fun game where you shoot marbles to push a puck and SCORE! Features Kuwalski smiling at his father. This one's an all-time favorite!

9. Evel Knievel Stunt & Crash Car by Ideal

Description: The Evel Knievel Stunt and Crash Car - you could set it up for stunts or to crash. Complete with a sweet crank for speed calibration and an odd Gremlin / Pinto morphed death trap machine. Yeah!

10. Gaylord by Ideal

Description: Gaylord - he looks kinda crazy, walks kinda lazy... and he comes with his own bone! The first cyberdog in planet Earth's consumer marketplace!

11. Hairy Bunch by Ideal

Description: The Hairy Bunch - a wild toy from Ideal that glows in the dark. A bunch of scary monsters with funny hair. Fun commercial!

12. Hitler Invades Poland

Description: The LikeTelevision™ History channel proudly presents, This Day in History - September 1!

13. In-a-Minute Cake Baker by Ideal

Description: In-a-Minute Cake Baker from Ideal. Now girls can make a cake for Daddy's birthday - without any heat! Can anyone tell us the actor's name who plays the father? Post it in the bulletin board and be cool! Looks good enough to eat!

14. King Zor by Ideal

Description: King Zor - The Fighting Dinosuar! Shoot him with your dinosaur gun, but nothing stops King Zor - and he even fires back missles. Be ready for King Zor - he's ready for you!

15. Lazy Dazy by Ideal

Description: Lazy Dazy - a doll from Ideal. Such a naughty little girl... Just wait till your Daddy comes home! Mommy doesn't want to spank you... Yikes! Times sure have changed!

16. Motorific Truck Fleet by Ideal

Description: For all the young lads crazing a little more power, Ideal provided the motorific Truck Fleet - with a Firetruck, Cement Mixer, and a big ol' Dumper. Vroooom!!!

17. Mr. Machine by Ideal

Description: Hey - is that Al Gore? - No - It's Mr. Machine by Ideal. Wind him up with a key and he's off. You could take him apart and put him together again - the coolest wind-up doll ever made!

18. Payoff by Ideal

Description: Payoff is fun marble game from Ideal - shoot the marbles at the targets - if you hit it, it clears the hopper, if you miss - your marble goes into the hopper. Funny commercial? We all recognize the voice? Who is it? Post your answer in the message board!

19. Pop Fly by Ideal

Description: Pop Fly from Ideal let's you make that famous Willie Mayes catch - over your back on the run. Throw the bean bag of the paddle and it launches a pop fly into the air. Best with jeans for diving catches!

20. Privilege - Classic Movie Trailers

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Sci-Fi channel brings you - Privilege. Shot in London, this trailer presents a bizarre look at the music scene in the 60's and the brutal society and police that confront the Idealistic young rebels. Wild orgiastic scenes - huh?

21. Racing Tops by Ideal

Description: Racing Tops from Ideal! One of the best toy commercials ever - features Italy, Finland, United States, and The Orient battling for position in this exiting game - and the winner - Italy! Bravo, Bravo A+ toy commercial!

22. Real Live Lucy by Ideal

Description: Okay - for girls, Real Live Lucy can turn her head - just like real life! An early “bobbin' head“, Lucy was the rage... wonder if she's really a doll - from Ideal.

23. Rebound by Ideal

Description: Rebound, a fun ricochet skill game from Ideal plus a great commercial. Two families play for a million dollar prize - just kidding!

24. Robot Commando by Ideal

Description: Robot Commando is here to help you. Use your remote control, speak into the microphone - Go Left! Sure wish it came with the city and the tanks!

25. Rub-a-Dub Dolly by Ideal

Description: Rub-A-Dub Dolly - she'll take a bath with you, because two is better than one! A very popular doll - however, I'm not sure if it weathered well over time. (a host for bacteria cultures)

26. Shirley Temple Doll by Ideal

Description: Your Shirley Temple doll comes all dressed up and likes to have tea parties. Made for 1962 release, this is a very early television toy commercial - also see reference in Bing Bang Boing commercial!

27. Skeeters by Ideal

Description: Skeeters from Ideal! Skeeters - a car so small you won't believe your eyes - why you get a magnifying glass! With their own custom case!

28. Tiny Tears by Ideal

Description: Tiny Tears - a doll from Ideal. Hold it and love it like any other doll, but lay her down and she cries little baby tears. (do not put indelible ink in your sister's doll, 'cause you'll get caught and it will only be funny many years later)

29. Twirly Birds by Ideal

Description: Twirly Birds from Ideal! Twirly Birds, battery powered, remote control helicopters that run on a string. (Moms everywhere wondered why they let little boys run string all over the house). Still - this was a great toy and an interesting, funny commercial.

30. Upset by Ideal

Description: Upset from Ideal! A game of skill tossing bean bags - throw well, score points or upset the other team. This was a fun game and not as easy as it looked. The commercial has a Howard Cosell wanna be voice over!

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