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1. Aurora Derby by Aurora

Description: Aurora Derby - a horse racing game with marbles. Shoot the marble into the hole and the horse moves forward. This commercial features the the Don Adams (Get Smart) as MC and jockey.

2. Imposters by Aurora

Description: Imposters by Aurora! Cars that looked like normal cars that change into killer racing machines. Includes a cool Volkswagen Beetle and a Gremlin. Watch that engine pop out - plus great surf track. You'll love it!

3. Monday Night Football by Aurora

Description: The Monday Night Football Game from Aurora was a computerized football game in the stone age of silicon. The game offered “tricky strategies programmed on punch cards“! Plus - Weeb Eubank, former coach of the N.Y. Jets uses the game to give his quarterback some training. hilarious - especially with the reference to tricky computers and punch cards!

4. October

Description: The LikeTelevision™ Movie channel proudly presents October - directed by Sergei Eeisenstein, a master filmaker in the early days of the medium. The film is a historical account of the Russian Revolution in October 25, 1917. Originally, this film was silent - music was added later by Sergei's assisant, Grigori Aleksandrov.

5. Skittle Bowling by Aurora

Description: Skittle Bowling - one of greatest games ever and a great commercial to boot. Why - it's the next best thing to having a bowling alley in your living room. Lots of skill and a soft touch was all that was needed!

6. Skittle Horseshoes by Aurora

Description: Skittle Horseshoes by Aurora! Great commercial - Hail Caesar - we who are about to play Skittle Horseshoes salute you. Features classic TV star Don Adams (Get Smart) in a competition with Gludious Maximus!

7. Skittle Poker by Aurora

Description: Skittle Poker by Aurora! Great commercial - and a fun game! Get a few cards and complete your hand using the skittle shooter to land a marble in the right “hole“. With Don Adams as the Colorado Kid. Tons of other stars - know their names? Post the answers in the message board and win fame forever!

8. Skittle Pool by Aurora

Description: Skittle Pool by Aurora! Great commercial - and a fun game! Just like pool - with a skittle shooter! With Don Adams as a salesman who competes against “Wisconsin Skinny“. Salesman- Huh? What do you sell? Skittle Pool!

9. Skittle Tac-Toe by Aurora

Description: Skittle Tac-Toe by Aurora! Great commercial and a fun game! Just like Tic-Tac-Toe - with a skittle shooter.. With Don Adams as a salesman who competes against a rich French guy at his Chateau!

10. Woman Hunter, The

Description: The Woman Hunter is a classic 1970s era made for TV movie, starring Barbara Eden in her first role after I Dream of Jeannie. She stars as Dina Hunter, a rich lady who marries Jerry Hunter, played by Robert Vaughn, best known as the man from U.N.C.L.E. Dina is pursued by Paul Carter, played by Stuart Whitman. Dina is afraid that Carter is an international jewel thief and killer. Watch this classic - and figure out who done it... plus a special bonus - you get to see Jeannie in a bikini where her belly button is revealed! Oh my!

11. XLerators by Aurora

Description: XLerators, Big Loop Race Set from Aurora was a cool “slotless“ car racing set that ruled. Tons of fun, fast action and it required skill - especially a smooth touch in the banks.

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