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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sharon Tate as Janet Trego

Back when I was a kid growing up in Milwaukee, I loved to watch the Beverly Hillbillies. As a Wisconsin yokel, one could easily relate to the Tennessee hillbillies who were all too often taken as rubes by the hoitey toity of Beverly Hills, California. In truth, all too often, Jed Clampett (Buddy Ebsen) was as wise as old King Solomon. The show was a huge hit, in spite of the supercilious critics who loved to hate the show.

Well, as a young boy (age 6-8 years old) - I loved the episodes with Miss Jane's assistant Janet Trego, played by Sharon Tate. She was really pretty and had a wonderful innocence about her that I found especially appealing. I was way too young to understand all the sexual innuendo jokes and I was a big fan of her white rain helmet hair, a style worn by many of the young women and mothers of the day. And though I did not really know what it meant, I always thought she was really cool. I had no idea who Roman Polanski was or anything, I was just a kid.

And I will never forget the news one day (August 9, 1969) - when I learned that a lady named Sharon Tate, the actress who played Janet Trego on the show, was murdered. And worse - she was very pregnant when it happened, so her soon to be born baby was also killed in the murder. It is hard to describe how awful such things are in the mind of a young boy, but I remember it to this day. And I was a huge fan of The Beatles too, but for a long time, The White album, filled with songs like Helter Skelter and Little Piggies gave me the creeps for several years. Till I was a teenager - and had grown as creepy as the society I lived in. (for a sample of the times, check out Angels as Hard as They Come, Maybe I'll Come home in the Spring, or Born to Win) - Lots of people thought the "new age" of the 1960s with free love (see Harrad Experiment) and all the new way of thinking was really cool, but as a young kid, I am awful glad my parents were squares.

Anyway - Susan Atkins, the woman who killed Sharon Tate died today of cancer. She was 61. That is all the ink she is going to get from me today. Personally, I would rather remember Sharon Tate, and how I thought she was really pretty when I just a seven year old kid. Nothing nasty like so much of today's world. I just thought she was really pretty, and as one often does at that age, I imagined she was also quite a nice person. Of course I never knew her, but I am happy to remember her today.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Poll Dancing Mishaps

There's a part of me finds great joy when the major media outlets look like monkeys, and yesterday the MSM pulled a mondo sized flub. We were told time and time again, that Barrack Obama had already won New Hampshire. It was a done deal. Mrs. Clinton was toast. And on and on until yammering knuckleheads got red in the face, yada yada. What can I say other than - get a life. It was fun to see Huckabee turn into Huck-a-who? Is it just me or is the polling commentary really annoying?

Now, go turn off the talking heads and grab a cold beer. If you want to check out the Poles, that is, something Polish that is interesting, may I suggest a few titles here in the library. 1) Knife in the Water, an early work of Roman Polanski that is in Polish with English subtitles. A good film, with a very tense romantic creepy group of people on a boat. 2) Escape from Sobibor, one of the best stories you propably never heard of. It is a tale of human courage and triumph in the face of total evil and hellish circumstances. Stars Allan Arkin and Rutger Hauer. 3) Circus of Fear, starring Klaus Kinski and Christopher Lee, who plays a Polish lion tamer from the circus. And finally - though not Polish in origin, check out Fake News, which is part of the Dubious Lampoonery section. It seems appropriate and should be a gentle reminder that news often gets it totally wrong.

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