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Friday, June 5, 2009

Quai Chang & Koko

Yesterday was an especially tough day - as the world lost David Carradine and Koko Taylor, no relation to sheriff Andy Taylor. When i was a young wild man in my late teens, I had the chance to see Koko Taylor in a small bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, playing with a terrific back-up band called The Blues Machine. I remember the show like it was yesterday, and anyone who had the chance to see Koko Taylor perform live knows exactly why. She sang with such a passion it was unforgettable. Life changing, somebody get my jaw off the floor, WOW !!! Honestly, I never even knew people had that kind of passion within them until I saw Koko Taylor perform. She came on at 11pm and played ON FIRE - for over 4 hours. She was sweating like an Alabama work crew in 100 degree weather, and she was just one person. Honestly - sweat was literally flying off of her into the crowd, and not only did you not mind, you felt blessed by Holy Water. WOW !!! It was beyond anything Rod Serling of Twilight Zone could even imagine. She sang her brains out, and her heart out, and every cell of her body just screamed... YEAH! How do like that! If there was any doubt that Rock 'n Roll heaven has a hell of band... doubt no more.

And when I was a kid, I will always remember waiting all day Wednesday for Kung Fu to come on. There were so many amazing episodes - my favorites included the one where the the bad guy wanted a gold chalice from the poor Catholic church and attacked grasshopper with some massive chains. And the one with a 18 or 19 year old Don Johnson as an American Indian was also very memorable. I think my favorite was the episode featuring a very young Jodie Foster whose name was Alethia, which Quai Chang told her meant truth. One of those - perception is reality things going on, and she had to tell the truth. And her truth was based on her angle of vision, where it sure looked like grasshopper shot a guy. Anyway, it was very sad to hear of his death and worse, the circumstances surrounding his death. If you are a David Carradine fan - check out this bizarre 1970s classic preachy movie called Maybe I'll Come in the Spring, and learn why the hippy dippy generation was such a load of crappola. Like peace, love and wow man, I got no money - let me steal some tacos (watch it, it'll make sense). But, that said - well the George Carlin as the Hippy Dippy Weatherman was awesome! We also offer a bunch of movies with David Carradine's famous thesbian father - John Carradine.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starry-Eyed Intern

Yep, the deranged knuckleheads at LikeTelevision decided to give a kid a chance, so we decided to get ourselves an intern. Nope, it wasn't a magnanimous philanthropic quest, in fact we were inspired by all the work done for free on behalf the presidential candidates, we thought to ourselves - we should get in on this, and found ourselves a joyous rube ready to work for next to nothing. Better still, he was willing to even clean our bathrooms, even the dreaded - Men's BR! (Now that's saying something - since we did some live recording for the band MegaTurd, all of us who actually work here have used the Ladies bathroom ever since, and they recorded here in 1999). But Mr. Brian, aka the Brian that Wouldn't Die, ventured out into many places no man has dwelled before. Right now we have him doing some painting in the studio - we gave him some basic instructions - we want this 100% black wall to be about 60-70% white, not for any prejudicial gerrymandering of course, we just wanted the wall to reflect more light. And so, to honor his hard work and verve, here's a few pix of our new eager beaver, Brian.

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