September 14, 2006

New Philips DVD Players Rock!


We read some good things about the new Philips DVP 3040, especially that the unit could play so many types of DVDs, and in so many formats. So we decided, what the heck and went online to Best Buy's site ordered one for a little over $40 and picked it up. Our initial response, this Progressive DVD player is awesome! Why? Because, you can now download all the LikeTelevision™ mpeg-1 files and burn the *.mpg files to a DVD-R, or DVD+R, or even a CD-R, and this DVD Player will handle it no problem. No DVD authoring, no long transcoding conversions to get the video to DVD spec, HISTORY! Yes - you can watch all the downloads on your TV. Just burn it to a disc. Easy as pie. Download the MPG file(s) and record them to a DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, or CD-R/RW. Play the disc in the Philips DVP 3040 / 37. Under $50! order it online at Best Buy and pick one up while you can. Better still, there's has another model, Philips DVP 5140 / 37 - that offers a few more features. You can get this at Wal Mart for under $60. And for those TV afficiandos, yes, Philips has a new DVD player that does all this with video upscaling and HDMI output. Non-Geek speak for - it offers High Definition playback to your High Def TV with an HDMI input. Video upscaling means they take the existing signal, (i.e standard tv definition) and upscale it so it looks as good as possible on your High Definition TV. And so you can even watch LikeTelevision™ on your TV at High Definition. Today! The HDMI model is the Philips DVP 5960 / 37 - and costs about $75 bucks. Available at Amazon($83), Circuit City ($69, w/ $10 rebate $59), Best Buy ($74) and JR ($79). Prices change, incentives etc. As does inventory. But we thought we let you know - you can now just burn the MPG movies, tv shows and cartoons to a DVD (just about any DVD format, and CD-R discs too). And enjoy the content while kicking back on your sofa. Check out for the latest details. Here's a link to compare the three DVD Players from Philips.

Make sure you check out the Specifications tab. The three DVD Players from Philips mentioned above, will play MPEG-1, MPEG-2 DVD and a ton of formats, including MP3 - yep, you can make masssive DVD playlists from all your MP3 files too. But to play our LikeTelevision™ MPEG-1 files, the DVD Player must offer MPEG-1 as a playback format. Not all DVD players do. We tested the DVP 3040 / 37 and it played great. I plan to get the HMDI version soon. Awesome DVD players. Two thumbs up!

Posted by Willy at 09:19 AM
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