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Monday, June 23, 2008

George Carlin Remembered

I regret to say that George Carlin, one of the funniest guys EVER - died of heart problems at the age of 1971. Carlin was an early maverick of comedy, in the same vein as a Lenny Bruce, or a Bill Hicks, George Carlin could be very funny, while at the same time being able to "hit that nerve" that made you feel a bit uncomfortable. We have an early example from the Johnny Carson Show, where he did the role of the Hippy Dippy Weatherman, who was a very mellow hippy character who just happened to be a meteorologist. For you youngsters, during the time this clip was made, everyone was VERY worries about getting blown up by the Atomic Bomb, dropped by the Russians. (The 60's equivalent of global terror, Al Qaeda style). And an ICBM ... was an Inter-continental Ballistic Missile. Here's the clip - Carlin is a very young guy in the clip, no beard, why he almost looks like he voted for Barry Goldwater and Eisenhower.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hockey & Twisted Humor

Here's a few video clips related to hockey humor - Dr. Barre, Hockey Team Dentist, Antoine DuFleur, the poet laureate of the NHL, and The Penalty Box, a description of the rules of hockey from a skewed point of view and Zamboning with Dave, a silly short on cleaning the ice with an Olympia ice scraper. Frank Random makes a guest appearance as a Viking mascot, and Skooter makes his 1999 internet debut as Antoine DuFleur.

Plus - more a hockey commercial with a famous dog. woof woof!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starry-Eyed Intern

Yep, the deranged knuckleheads at LikeTelevision decided to give a kid a chance, so we decided to get ourselves an intern. Nope, it wasn't a magnanimous philanthropic quest, in fact we were inspired by all the work done for free on behalf the presidential candidates, we thought to ourselves - we should get in on this, and found ourselves a joyous rube ready to work for next to nothing. Better still, he was willing to even clean our bathrooms, even the dreaded - Men's BR! (Now that's saying something - since we did some live recording for the band MegaTurd, all of us who actually work here have used the Ladies bathroom ever since, and they recorded here in 1999). But Mr. Brian, aka the Brian that Wouldn't Die, ventured out into many places no man has dwelled before. Right now we have him doing some painting in the studio - we gave him some basic instructions - we want this 100% black wall to be about 60-70% white, not for any prejudicial gerrymandering of course, we just wanted the wall to reflect more light. And so, to honor his hard work and verve, here's a few pix of our new eager beaver, Brian.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

St. Anthony - June 13th

Saint Anthony of Padua was a very interesting man and his feast day is June 13th. His birth name was Fernando Martins de Bulhao, and he was born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1195. He died a young man of 36 on June 13, 1231 st the Poor Clare Convent on his way back to Padua, Italy. Originally in the order of St. Augustine, he switched to being a Franciscan during a time when many Franciscan monks were being martyred in Morocco. He met St. Francis of Assisi, who was his boss at the time. Learn more, here, here and here, As you probably know, St Anthony is best known as the patron saint of lost articles. You pray to Saint Anthony to help find your lost keys, a camera, lost jewels, lost symphonies, or whatever.
St. Anthony, St. Anthony
Please come down
Something is lost
And can't be found

Also cool, Hieronymus Bosch was a big fan of Saint Anthony, and made a lot of scary paintings, like this one, called The Temptation of St. Anthony, which is part of a three panel altar work of art called a triptych.

Today is also Friday the 13th - there's a funny Popeye cartoon on the subject, and some spooky superstitious videos, like The Addam's Family, Day of Wrath, Dario Argento's Suspiria, or Horror Hotel to name a few fun horror movies. There's a massive collection of scary movies to choose from, have fun.

But nothing is more scary than a dysfunctional family, right? Check out the first few episodes of a terrific TV show from a few years ago, Arrested Development. If you're new, start with the Pilot episode, Top Banana, Bringing Up Buster, and Key Decisions to watch the first four episodes in order. Lots of cheeky fun, if you're funny bone is a little twisted like mine seems to be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Elia Kazan's Boomerang

Elia Kazan was one of Hollywood's greatest directors and also known as a bit a rat for giving out names in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee. One of the names he mentioned was John Garfield, whose career took a dive after the hearings. Oddly enough, Garfield stars in a movie called They Made Me a Criminal.

But enough of the dark side, there's a ton to admire about Elia Kazan, including s2 amazing Marlon Brando movies - On the Waterfront and A Streetcar Named Desire. But a few years before that, He made this gem about political corruption, money and the legal system titled Boomerang. It stars Dana Andrews, Lee J. Cobb, and Jane Wyatt. Also look closely for the writer Arthur Miller (Death of a Salesman, The Crucible) who appears in the line-up of suspects for a few seconds. He was also married to Marilyn Monroe, after Marilyn and Jolting Joe DiMaggio broke up.

If drama doesn't do it for you, try some comedy. Check out a new arrival from The Addams Family called Lurch's Grand Romance, where Lurch (Ted Cassidy) falls in love with Morticia's old school chum, Tina Trivia. Morticia, played by Carolyn Jones speaks a lot of French in this episode.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Hot Air Balloon Ride

While there were a few hot air balloon rides before June 4, 1783, when the Montgolfier Brothers did their first public demonstration - most ended in disaster with very short flight times. And so, the Montgolfier Brothers are usually credited with the first successful hot air balloon ride. (for more background info, try wikipedia).

So to celebrate the event, let us recommend some choice videos. First, watch Conquest of the Air, a very dry humored British film on the history of flight, starring Sir Laurence Olivier, as Vincent Lunardi one of the early pioneers of hot air balloon flight.

Another highly recommended title is Buster Keaton in Balloonatic.

Our final hot air balloon related video is of The Double Eagle, piloted by Ben Abruzzo, Max Anderson and Larry Newman. On August 19, 1978 - they were the first to take a hot air balloon ride across the Atlantic Ocean.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bedazzled Dudley Moore, Raquel Welch

If you liked the remake in 2000, you'll love the original 1967 film, Bedazzled starring Dudley Moore, Raquel Welch and Peter Cook. Directed by Stanley Donen, the film is dripping with British irony and sarcasm. Check out Bedazzled.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Alfred Hitchcock TV Classic

After seven successful years on American Television with Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the format changed and went from 1/2 hour episodes to a full hour, and a new name - The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. And the pilot episode of this new TV series was excellent. A Piece of the Action, released in 1962 - starred Gig Young and a 25 year young actor named Robert Redford. A professional gambler wants to do all he can to keep his younger brother from repeating the same mistakes. Lots of twists and turns to the story. Plus, Raymond Bailey (aka Mr. Drysdale) plays a poker player who gets caught cheating. Watch A Piece of the Action.