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Monday, July 30, 2007

Ingmar Bergman Dies at 89

Ingmar Bergman, one of THE greatest directors died today at the age of 89. (NYT obit) I will never forget my first encounter with a Bergman film. That scene from Wild Strawberies, where the funeral procession just drolls on and on as it moves slowly down the street. Horses... clip clop.... And then... bada AHHHH ! If you've seen it, you know. if not - i couldn't spoil it for you. It's too much fun. Later, I watched the Seventh Seal - so creepy and ethereal. And saw a bunch more too.... with still so many more to see. (I am not even a quarter of the way thru all his films). Ingmar Bergman changed the course of film. He made it some kind of spiritual and heightened experience. On so many levels and layers. He was a true artist. A ground breaker. May God bless Ingmar Bergman and all the great works he made in the course of his long and fruitful lifetime. We'll miss him.

Here's one of my favorites, The Brink of Life, lesser known but really terrific.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Benefit Concert For Doug - July 22

If you are a regular at LikeTelevision - you know him as Frank Random, the creative mind, artistic genius, suave silky voiced funny guy, and LT's chief creative officer. (learn more bout Frank - Zim Zum, Shameless 1, 2 or singing so sweet) Frank is amazing!

Well in the real world, his name is Doug Hawthorn. Earlier this year, Doug sustained serious injuries in a car accident. After that, he got a bad bacterial infection while at the hospital. Many operations, and procedures later, he now resides in a rehabilitation facility. Doug will probably have to stay there for a while.

Being a professional musician for most of life - 3 decades plus, Doug made a lot of friends who were fellow musicians and on Sunday July 22, 2 PM till ? at the Double Door at the Lake, there's gonna be a whopper of a benefit concert for Doug (poster). With Bob Margolin, Jim Brock, Lenny Federal and lots more great music all Sunday long.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Live Aid - July 13th Friday 07 Irony

On July 13, 1985 Live Aid debuts with a great deal of excitement and money to burn. This newsreel - made in 1990 tells us with a touch of glee, that Phil Collins was able to play in London and Philadelphia by riding the Concorde. Zoom, Zoom. Kind of ironic given the spirit and tone of the latest Live (put Cause Here) sequel - Live Earth. Now sure, I am all for a green style of living, which means have a low consumption level. Drive less, walk more. Ride the motorcycle - save gas. But watching the Live Earth show was pretty weak. Musically limp. Now I did learn a few things about saving energy. Like not leaving your cell phone charger plugged in the wall because it uses energy even when it is not plugged into your phone. Ok, cool. But the music was lame to way too tame to all the same. Shakira rocked, but most of it ..zzzzzzz. Now if Shakira could have flown in a private jet and moved her hips on a few continents that would have been cool. The stars can't do that anymore. Bummer. (c)Hips don't lie.

Get the embed code here

Monday, July 9, 2007

Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony

One of the greatest characters in cartoon history is Gerald McBoing Boing - who was thsi little kid, so skilled at sound effects, he could pretty much do anything. And in fact - he was often asked to do the most crazy and impossible tasks. Like this cartoon - Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony - it seems the orchestra is nowhere near the studio so they give Gerald the musical score and off he goes, reproducing the entire musical piece. And a bunch of very funny musical playfulness when the sheet music falls off the stand & Gerald has trouble reading it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 4th Video Blast

Here's a few fun videos to watch in honor of the July 4th holiday. First - a spooky One Step Beyond episode starring John Newland and George Washington. Called Night in Decemeber, General George Washington our first president and commander in chief, has a psychic experience on a cold night in December. Also worthy - Andy Discovers America - a classic. Want fireworks - by all means check out Patriotic Popeye where Popeyes' nephews get into pyrotechnic trouble.

And who could forget this fine moment in the 1940s when Kate Smith introduced a new song called God Bless America.