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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Video Time Machine

LikeTelevision™ has a bunch of terrific former Oscar winners and nominees. For Best actor - check out Gregory Peck in To Kill A Mockingbird or Jose Ferrer in Cyrano de Bergerac. Plus great Oscar moments in time - 1956 when Ernest Borgnine in Marty beats our Frank Sianatra, Spencer Tracy, and James Dean. You can watch Sinatra in Man with the Golden Arm - great movie.

And who could ever forget Sacheen Littlefeather accepting for Marlon Brando. And Frank Capra, William Wyler and Orson Welles. Frankly - there's too many to mention. You might try searching for Oscar in the media library, or try this - a search for Oscar at Google, only LikeTelevision and images. Click that link... okay who's the lady in the first picture? She's an incredible costume designer. Here's the answer.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Terry Garland - Live Music at LikeTelevision

On February 15, 2007 - Terry Garland dropped in again to do a live video shoot. We were lucky to have Marko and Jimbo in to assist with the cameras, and also guest engineer, J. Pee Wee G. handled the audio in Frank Random's absence. We all had a great time and enjoyed some terrific music with the cold Newcastle Brown Ale. Whoa!

First up from the live music session is a song called Without You. A nifty slow number with a slide and a Gibson L-0. Next up, a chilling song called When you see Their Eyes. Very powerful song - i think it is about the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Finally - a smoking fast tune on Terry's National Style 0 guitar called Stumbling in the Dark. Enjoy yourselves... gotta get back to work.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Attack of the Giant Leeches

Oh yeah - from the bad side of the bayou comes Attack of the Giant Leeches. Linda Ronstsadt don't sing about this part of the bayou, no sir. Some good old boys poaching game, a honey of a cheating wife, the mad husband toting a shotgun - you betcha, this is 60 minutes of pure shock theater circa 1967. Make sure you check out Hot Rod Girl, a chick exploitation romp with fast cars and hot girls made by the same director with Leo Gordon getting writing credits.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Vincent Price - Shock Theater

Back in the days of my youth, circa 1966-1976 - there were only 4 TV stations in the Milwaukee area. The big big networks of course, and the lone UHF station, in this case channel 18. (why is this that most of the early UHF stations were all channel 18 - does anybody know that answer?) And on any Saturday afternoon - the broadcast big broadcast boys were all pumping college sports games, which for me was the same as nothing is on. Ahhhh but the UHF station always came to the rescue for sci-fi geeks like me. There was the Twilight Zone, usually followed by the Outer Limits (messing with the vertical and horizontal of the tv). And then... yes, Shock Theater with the killer scary bumper of a hairy tarantula crawling across an old book. We created a little Shock Theater section of some of our favorite offerings from the classic Saturday afternoon tv show. If the Super Bowl is over after one quarter - by all means check out Shock Theater or the Horror Movie section. There's even a Vincent Price movie called Shock - which offers some early jolting psycho therapy.


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Video Feeds For Google Reader

One Small step for manly video feeds. A giant leap for having fun killing time. Lots of fun going on in the video space lately.

I was curious to see if our video feeds would live happily in google reader. Yep. Sure 'nuff, worked ok but it did not want to include all the info. We'll check on it and learn more. More feeds for each title and also some video of the day feeds.


One Step Beyond Discusssion Group

Back again from the dead - here's another place for all One Step Beyond fans to share their favorite moments from the best episodes. Which was number one? Where Are They? or Signal Received? Night of April 14? The Death Waltz with Elizabeth Montgomery? All topics related to the show, the actors, producers and personel are permitted. Also on topic is sci-fi, paranormal, ESP, bi-location, and psychic activity. But please - no spamage for tarot readers or lame dumps of garbage. We'll sick the ghosts on you. If you are interested in moderating the forum, send us a note.