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Monday, November 5, 2007

One Step Beyond - More episodes!

Look out Sci-Fi buffs, because that wacky pyscho sci-fi afficiando, John Newland is back in town. He's much more frightening than Mack the knife, who also came back to town. Why? Because Newland uses all kinds of psycho kinetic E.S.P. to put the wang doodle on you. He's been known to use bi-location, premonitions, love potions, voodoo, and ghosts, and even magic mushrooms to explore the unknown. Okay... so we have a writer's strike in Hollywood. So they'll be no new episodes of recycled humor that are presented with less class than when they got when the writers were kids. Don't worry folks. Newland is back in town and more One Step Beyond episodes are on the way, to save the day for mankind.

Today we have a really fun episode, where things work out well. It is about that weird pyschic communication that goes on between identical twins. One of my personal favorites called The Trap. Have fun and don't get too scared.