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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Holy Chute! Skydiving is fun!

A few weeks ago, my buddy Randy asked me if I wanted to jump out of plane and go skydiving. Sure, sounds like fun - but give me a five or six days because we are moving the servers next week and as such, I had way too much going on to enjoy it. But that week came and went, the move went as smooth as warm butter, and Randy got back to me and said, OK, let's do it on Sunday Cot 28th, I am already booked at 11:00AM. He was convinced I would chicken out, but in truth - i was really looking forward to it so I called the place and made my reservation. Now times have changed a lot since college 30 years ago - when parachuting meant jumping out solo with an old WWII surplus silk parachute. Back then, training included practice jumping from a hayloft and learning to land - HARD! Today - training involved listening to a lawyer on a videotape telling you that you had signed all your rights away, and even the rights of your family and your employer. There was no way you, or they could sue, no matter what happened, even if it was their fault. You understand? That was our training. We were not jumping alone this time, but a tandem jump with a certified instructor, who is highly skilled in the art of skydiving. In short, it was a great experience and I plan to go skydiving next spring when the weather warms up a bit. Check out the video and see what it is like.