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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moving to California

On Tuesday October 16th, we'll be loading up the truck with some older servers and moving to a new swankier location with lots of perks. No, we're not really moving to California (we already have 7 servers there already) - we are just moving the core part of the site, and all the many servers on subdomains to a data center 20 miles away from the one we were in for the last 12 years. As you might guess, this is not a walk in the park... but we are getting all the ducks in a row to do the move on Tuesday. We thought we should give you a heads up. We don't expect the users to ever notice, since the files are mirrored on a bunch of shiny new servers with new levels of speed and storage. Gotta get back to editing room. More in a bit.