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Monday, October 8, 2007

Che Guevara Killed Oct 8, 1967

It was 40 years ago today that Che Guevara was killed in Bolivia. This short newsreel from the ealy 1990s features a bunch of video clips of Che Guevara, speaking at the United Nations, speaking at a rally in Cuba, and other news snippets from long ago. The newsreel states he was killed in guerrilla action by the Bolivian government, but rumors remain that the C.I.A. had a hand in it. Or maybe it was the Soviets? In any event, Che Guevara was killed 40 years ago today. I do not expext to be wearing any Che T-shirts for some time to come, but indeed I do hope God has mercy on poor Che's soul. It is nice to want good things for the people (and it can also be annoying), but when you need a gun to encourage people to go along, perhaps it is time to reconsider your plan.

Che Guevara -10/08/1967