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Friday, July 13, 2007

Live Aid - July 13th Friday 07 Irony

On July 13, 1985 Live Aid debuts with a great deal of excitement and money to burn. This newsreel - made in 1990 tells us with a touch of glee, that Phil Collins was able to play in London and Philadelphia by riding the Concorde. Zoom, Zoom. Kind of ironic given the spirit and tone of the latest Live (put Cause Here) sequel - Live Earth. Now sure, I am all for a green style of living, which means have a low consumption level. Drive less, walk more. Ride the motorcycle - save gas. But watching the Live Earth show was pretty weak. Musically limp. Now I did learn a few things about saving energy. Like not leaving your cell phone charger plugged in the wall because it uses energy even when it is not plugged into your phone. Ok, cool. But the music was lame to way too tame to all the same. Shakira rocked, but most of it ..zzzzzzz. Now if Shakira could have flown in a private jet and moved her hips on a few continents that would have been cool. The stars can't do that anymore. Bummer. (c)Hips don't lie.

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