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Friday, February 2, 2007

Vincent Price - Shock Theater

Back in the days of my youth, circa 1966-1976 - there were only 4 TV stations in the Milwaukee area. The big big networks of course, and the lone UHF station, in this case channel 18. (why is this that most of the early UHF stations were all channel 18 - does anybody know that answer?) And on any Saturday afternoon - the broadcast big broadcast boys were all pumping college sports games, which for me was the same as nothing is on. Ahhhh but the UHF station always came to the rescue for sci-fi geeks like me. There was the Twilight Zone, usually followed by the Outer Limits (messing with the vertical and horizontal of the tv). And then... yes, Shock Theater with the killer scary bumper of a hairy tarantula crawling across an old book. We created a little Shock Theater section of some of our favorite offerings from the classic Saturday afternoon tv show. If the Super Bowl is over after one quarter - by all means check out Shock Theater or the Horror Movie section. There's even a Vincent Price movie called Shock - which offers some early jolting psycho therapy.



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